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Mark Cramer Roberts – Numerous Advantages of Using Wireless Network

Wireless technology is mainly used for the wireless communication. By the term wireless communication means transfer of information between two points without any physical connection like wires, optic fiber cable etc. In wireless technology communication is based on electromagnetic signals through which we can communicate with other persons. Wireless technology is not only changed our communication system but also our life style. Now a day all the peoples are use wireless devices like Mobile phones, Bluetooth, Wireless headphones etc. Our life will be easier with the help of wireless technology. We can do most of our works from anywhere only with the use of wireless devices. I don’t think that it will only make our life easier but our lives will be even and lovely with this technology.

Applications of Wireless Technology:

The application of wireless technology is in every field including medicine, military etc. The most widely application of wireless technology is Bluetooth which uses short wavelength radio transmissions to connect and communicate with other electronic devices.

Wireless technology is used in:

In Business

In Mobile Communication

In Home Networking

In Quality Control System

In Navigation System

Wireless applications are stretchy clean and suitable. Wires can go bad or get twisted and can make an application complicated to trouble shoot if there is a communication problem.

Advantages of Using Wireless Network:  Today, Mark Cramer Roberts has guided the important advantages of wireless network such as:

Increased Mobility –  When laptops were developed, because of the new mobility ease factor that they brought within them, this gave added force to the advantages of being able to work anywhere within range of the wireless network signal.  It means that not only can employees now access information from the server, wherever they are in the location, but it also enables colleagues to collaborate and share information in meetings held anywhere; either in a corner of the office, a bespoke meeting room, or even the staff canteen. It enables total mobility.

Increased Productivity– It brings freedom of operation and speeds up the functioning process. Increased productivity, allowing employees to collaborate.

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